C3 no.432 (2024 #4/6)

New Projects

Museum and bridge in a fierce landscape

- Bundanon Art Museum and The Bridge _ Kerstin Thompson Architects

- Interview _ Charlie Emery + Herbert Wright

Former factory site transformed into a public park

- Hangzhou Xiaohe Park _ Kengo Kuma & Associates

- Interview _ Kengo Kuma + Hee Joon Lee, YuMi Hyun, SoWon Kim

Historic college reborn with a modern entrance

- New entrance facade of the Baroque Museum of Catalonia _ David Closes I Núñez

- Interview _ David Closes I Núñez + Idil Ayral

Connecting individual blocks within the landscape

- Bandhan Residential School of Business _ Abin Design Studio

Curvilinear corridor surrounding courtyard

- Tenjincho Place Apartment _ Hiroyuki Ito Architects

- Interview _ Hiroyuki Ito + SoWon Kim

The Revolution will be Laminated

The Revolution will be Laminated _ Herbert Wright

Mass timber landmark made for roaming

- World of Volvo _ Henning Larsen

- Interview _ Martin Stenberg + Herbert Wright

Two curved timber masses embracing a garden

- Gaia - Nanyang Technological University Singapore _ Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects + RSP Architects Planners & Engineers

- Interview _ Toyo Ito + Herbert Wright

Structure with local roots displays root craft

- Rehmannia Root Crafts Exhibition Hall _ LUO studio

Thoughtful campus duo with asymmetric roofs

- Mills Hall and Gibbons Center at Bowdoin College _ HGA

Ele Arkitektura

New Landscape and Basque Topography _ Marta Gonzalez Anton

- Interview _ Eduardo Landia + Marta Gonzalez Anton

Community space overcoming urban disconnect

- Plaza El Sol _ Ele Arkitektura

A reddish geometric scenario on a green hill

- Geometric Landscape 2.0 _ Ele Arkitektura

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