C3 no.430 (2024 #2/6)

New Projects

Walking a kilometer of water

- Zaishui Art Museum _ Junya.Ishigami + Associates

Circular music halls within concave curving walls

- Chapel of Music _ Vector Architects

- Interview _ Gong Dong + HyoJin Jeon

Sunlight carves through concrete

- The Holy Redeemer Church of Las Chumberas _ Fernando Menis

- Interview _ Fernando Menis + YuMi Hyun

Big flexible cultural spaces within a striking form

- Aviva Studios _ OMA

- Interview _ Ellen van Loon + Herbert Wright

Between experiment and experience

Between experiment and experience: on the architecture of Heesoo Kwak _ Mannyoung Chung

Gathering the views and overlooking the landscape

- 9ro Pyeong Sang _ IDMM Architects

- Scenography of 9ro Pyeong Sang _ Hyon-Sob Kim

Spreading the view wings in two directions

- Aleffee _ IDMM Architects

Uplifted in harmony and contrast with mountain

- Fort & Port _ IDMM Architects

Embrace the spectacle through the stacked frames

- Elystay _ IDMM Architects

Interview Olivier Campagne, an architectural photographer of (yet) unbuilt works _ Hee Joon Lee

Dwelling Now > House
Seeking answers from nature

Seeking answers from nature _ HyoJin Jeon

Remembering the traditional custodians' land

- Marramarra Shack _ Leopold Banchini Architects

Steeped in the jungle using natural materials

- Cometa House _ Taller Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo

Made of vernacular materials and local labor

- Wendy House _ Earthscape Studio

- Interview _ Earthscape Studio + SoWon Kim

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