C3 no.429 (2024 #1/6)

New Projects

Totalitarian monument becomes people’s hub

- The Pyramid of Tirana_MVRDV

- Interview _ Stavros Gargaretas + SoWon Kim

A green escape within Copenhagen’s inner harbor

- The Opera Park _ Cobe

- Interview _ Thomas Krarup, Alexander Ejsing + YuMi Hyun

Honor the deceased while balancing environment

- Columbarium Complex at Radom Cemetery _ BDR Architekci

- Interview _ Paweł Dadok + Michèle Woodger

Slow Time for Art

Slow Time for Art _ Herbert Wright

Sequenced thresholds of perception

- Atipografia Threshold and Treasure Gallery _ AMAA

Slowness in a fast neighborhood

- Amant Art Campus _ SO-IL

- Interview _ Florian Idenberg + YuMi Hyun

URBANUS in the art of revitalizing cities

Urbanus in the art of revitalizing cities _ Silvio Carta

Brewery reborn as culture platform

- Kingway Brewery Renovation

- Interview _ Urbanus + Herbert Wright

Light, greenery and community enter warehouses

- Renovation of Shenyang Dongmaoku

Space for Cities to Breathe

Space for Cities to Breathe _ Michèle Woodger

Filling neglected plot with life

- 1895 War Memorial Park _ dA VISION DESIGN

- Interview _ Chung-Hsun Wu + Michèle Woodger

Brownfield becomes urban sponge

- Benjakitti Forest Park _ Arsomslip Community and Environmental Architect + Turenscape

- Interview _ Chatchanin Sung + Michèle Woodger

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