C3 no.428 (2023 #6/6)

New Projects

A haven of tranquillity in the mountain

- Cliff Café and Tower House_TAO

- Interview _ Hua Li + Michèle Woodger

Aquatic plants high and low

- ChunYangTai Arts and Cultural Center _ Atelier FCJZ

- Interview _ Yung Ho Chang + Herbert Wright

Sculptural campus for oil giant

- Exploration and Production Business Center _ Morphosis

- Interview _ Arne Emerson + Herbert Wright

Vertical campus shaping the riverside skyline

- Center for Computing & Data Sciences at Boston University _ KPMB Architects

- Interview _ Paulo Rocha + Michèle Woodger

Site Specific

Five Landscapes and Five Colors _ Mannyoung Chung

A box for mindfulness

- Meditation Chapel _ Lee Eunseok + Atelier KOMA

A Dualism of Intentionality and Sublation _ Kim Young-cheol

Interwoven with nature

- Museum Hanmi Samcheong _ kiohun architects and associates

An achromatic architect encounters a black-and-white photo museum _ Kwanseok Lee

Articulated by conceptual gorges

- Seriatim _ Hun Kim + Studio Asylum

Pliable, but Still Un-negotiable _ Myung Seok Hyun

Imagined as in a state of flow

- Jang Yu Heon _ Archium

What does Jang Yu Heon flow towards? _ Hyon-Sob Kim

Madangs reach beyond the house

- Pil Gyeong Jae _ Mansik Hong

The Archetype of ‘Memory’ _ Younjung Do

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