C3 no.426 (2023 #4/6)

New Projects

A sculptural, porous gateway to knowledge

- Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation at AMNH _ Studio Gang

- Interview _ Jeanne Gang + Herbert Wright

Basalt buildings float over frozen lava

- Anahuacalli Museum Extension _ Taller de Arquitectura - Mauricio Rocha

- Interview _ Mauricio Rocha + Herbert Wright

The dead do not bury themselves

The dead do not bury themselves _ Michèle Woodger

A Burial Ground with Tranquil Trails and Canopies

- Montpellier Metropolitan Cemetery _ Agence Traverses – Paysage, Urbanisme, Architecture

Sculptural Architecture Coexisting Life and Death

- Crematorium in Ostend _ OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

- Interview _ OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen + Michèle Woodger

From Wasteland to Community Apex

- Toulouse Métropole Funeral Center _ Atelier Cube + Zermani Associati

Breathing new life into a historic cemetery

- The Revitalization of Bigelow Chapel at Historic Mount Auburn Cemetery _ William Rawn Associates

Factories that Make Place, Warehouses that Store Memory

Factories that Make Place, Warehouses that Store Memory _ Herbert Wright

Preserving Heritage, Building Community

- Bijgaardehof Co-housing and Health Center _ &bogdan

From Industrial Heritage to Contemporary Living

- António Granjo Mixed Use Complex _ Fragmentos

- Interview _ Pedro Silva Lopes + Herbert Wright

Fish and print museum hub

- IDDIS – The Norwegian Printing Museum and Canning Museum _ Eder Biesel Arkitekter

Warehouses drastically woven into new spaces

- Guangzhou Julong Bay Exhibition Center _ DOMANI Architectural Concepts

Dwelling Now > House

Three Mexican Houses; Light, Texture and Volumes

Light, Texture and Volumes _ Silvio Carta

A cubic fortress in the woods

- Alférez House _ Ludwig Godefroy Architecture

- Interview _ Ludwig Godefroy + Herbert Wright

Voids and volumes adjusting to slopes

- Cañada House _ Escobedo Soliz

Vernacular Inspiration and the Arid Landscape

- Tejocote House _ González Muchow Arquitectura

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