C3 no.425 (2023 #3/6)

AI and Architecture: Are we going to be out of work? _ Silvio Carta + Herbert Wright

New Projects

Like a Stratified Rock

Kobe Port Museum _ Taisei Design Planners Architects & Engineers

Interview _ Takefumi Doi and Kensuke Harada + Herbert Wright

Iconic Rectangular Bayside Forms

M+ Museum _ Herzog & de Meuron

The Observatory, or the Architecture as Vision Machine

The Observatory, or the Architecture as Vision Machine _ MyungSeok Hyun

Climbing Angles to See Dunes

Tottori Takahama Café _ Kengo Kuma & Associates

Cantilevered Tubes with Views

Chuncheon Lakeside Observatory, Thousand Plateaus _ JangHwan Cheon + Emersys

Interview _ JangHwan Cheon + YuMi Hyun

Journey to a Mountain Vista

A Rest Station on a Mountaintop _ Jumping House Lab

From Wasteland to Community Apex

Barranca de San Marcos Tultepec Observatory _ Taller de Arquitectura Miguel Montor

Dwelling Now > House

Truly at Home in the Landscape

Truly at Home in the Landscape _ YuMi Hyun

Home for Solace with Nature

House on the Hill _ HW Studio

Earth-house Coils like a Snake

Chuzhi House _ Wallmakers

Carved beneath Ground

House and Restaurant _ Junya.Ishigami+Associates

Ishigami Takes a Heavy Turn _ Herbert Wright

Contextualizing the Community Library

Contextualizing the Community Library _ Herbert Wright

New Topography in Suburbia

Springdale Library & Komagata Maru Park _ RDH Architects

Floating Library Preserves Landscape

Animu Media Library _ Dominique Coulon & Associés

Interview _ Dominique Coulon + Herbert Wright

Library Transforms Dense Old Townscape

Charles Nègre Media Library _ Ivry Serres Architecture + Beaudouin Architectes

Interview _ Laurent Beaudouin + Herbert Wright

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