Seung, H-Sang

Reverse Orientalism: The Work of Seung, H-Sang _ Richard Ingersoll

Interview _ Seung, H-Sang with Francisco Sanin

− 30th Anniversary Memorial Building, DaeJeon University

− Buddhism Traditional Culture Center of Jogye Order

− GuDuk Presbyterian Church

− Master Plan of Qianmen Historic Area Rejuvenation Design

− Kyobo Book Center, Paju Book City

− Chaowai SOHO – Office & Shopping Complex

− CheonAn Oriental Hospital of DaeJeon University

− HUMAX Village

− Daejanggol New Town

− Dr. Park’s Art Gallery

− Sunuldang

− Lock Museum

− Club House, “Commune by the Great Wall”

− Commune by the Great Wall-2nd Phase

− Boao Canal Village

− Reed House

− Hyehwa Culture Center, DaeJeon University

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