C3 Special Korean Architecture

33rd Anniversary special issue

Korean Architecture

Diverse Perspectives beyond a Century

Korean Architecture – Diverse Perspectives beyond a Century_Hyun Yu-mi

A Century of Korean Architecture_Ahn Chang-mo

Contemporary Korean Architectur_Lee Joo-yeon

Cho Jung-goo – guga urban architecture

– Jeju Tosanri House

Learning from Tradition_Lee Sang-hee

Jeong Jae-heon

– Toh Cheon Lilac House

– Oryukdo Gawon Cafe

In Pursuit of Refined Familiarity_Kim Hyouk-joon

Mihn Hyun-jun

– MMCA, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Towards Open Architecture_Lee Sang-hee

Kwak Hee-soo

– Gijang Waveon

– Moken Resort

Materialize the Desire and Demand Attention_Hyun Yu-mi

Lim Jae-yong – Office of Contemporary Architecture

– HK Laser & Systems

– Hotel ORA

In Search of a New Prototype_Kang Jeong-ye

ISON Architects

– Iddeul Kindergarten

– Marimba House

Between Ordinary and Extraordinary_Jeon Hyo-jin

BCHO Architects

– Tilt Roof House

– Queenmama Market

As if it’d been there long_Hyun Yu-mi

Unsangdong Architects

– House ONE : Chronotope Wall House

We experiment, therefore we are_Jeon Hyo-jin

Yoo Hyun-joon Architects

– The Void

Coordinating Space and Recovering Relations_Chung Kwi-weon

VOID Architects

– SNU IBK Communication Center

Balance and Harmony for Coexistence_Choi Soon-young

Challenges and Opportunities – The Younger Generation of Korean Architects_Chung Kwi-weon

JOHO Architecture

– Platform L Contemporary Art Center

Material Sensibility and the Adjustment of Space_Chung Kwi-weon

Nameless Architecture

– DH Triangle School

Flexible Simplicity in Complexity_Chung Kwi-weon

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