C3 Special Communities

Contemporary Communities

CONTEMPORARY CITIES and the Complex Array of Forces Affecting Them_Anna Roos

On the Roofs of Community_Sabrina Puddu

– Nam Dam Homestay and Community House_1+1>2 Architects

– Bamboo Sports Hall for Panyaden International School_Chiangmai Life Architects

– Community Center in El Rodeo de Mora_Fournier – Rojas Arquitectos

– The South Yard_Advanced Architecture Lab + Atelier UPA

– Library and Sheltered Workshop_CeZ Calderan Zanovello Architetti

– House of Music in Pieve di Cento_Mario Cucinella Architects

– Prader Grocery Store_Messner Architects

– The New Scout Hut and Village Hall_Sophus Søbye Architects

– Substrate Factory Ayase_Aki Hamada Architects

– Blue Barn Theater & Boxcar 10_Min|Day

– Impluvium Community Center in Reinosa_RAW / deAbajoGarcia

– Media Library in Thionville_Dominique Coulon & Associés

– Marinilla Educational Park_El Equipo Mazzanti

– Dongyuan Qianxun Community Center_Scenic Architecture office

– Enabling Village_WOHA

– Media Library in Tbilisi_Laboratory of Architecture #3

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