C3 no.122 (1994 #10/12)
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Sooner or Later

Public Interest _ Kim KyoungSoo


A Monument to Copernicus – Cracow Planetarium _ Hwafong Nonchi Wang

Architecture of the Space Machine _ Hwafong Nonchi Wang

Recent Work

− YangPyung Weekend House _ Kim HeungSoo

− House Miami Beach _ Carlos Zapata

Special Featuring

Mario Botta

Architect and Architecture _ Mario Botta

Rational Re-Creation of Regional Tradition _ Han ManWon

− Pordenone Church

− Caimato Office Building, Lugano

− House, Daro, Bellinzona

− Office Building in Bellinzona

− Five Continents Center, Lugano

− Epitome, 28 Previous Projects

Classic for Today

Classic for Today

Worship Space of One Thousand Buddhist Statues and one Thousand Turrets; UnJuSa _ Hwang HoKyun


Wood Architecture

Traditional Architecture in HoNam Province

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