C3 no.190 (2000 #6/12)
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Sooner or Later

Reality and Mythology _ GuYon Chung

Zvi Hecker

Interview: Lessons in the Art of Survival _ Zvi Hecker + Layla Dawson

Criticism: Zvi Hecker’s Recent Buildings _ Peter Cook

− Jewish Cultural Center, Duisburg, Germany

− Palmach Museum of History, Tel-Aviv, Israel

− Memorial Site for the Destroyed Synagogue, Berlin

− Jewish Primary School, Berlin

− Spiral Apartment House, Ramat-Gan, Israel

Note on Architecture

Place _ Wook Choi


View of the World and the View of Architecture in the East and the West V: Form – Matter _ SungWoo Kim


− YoungTong Building _ HeeJun Kim


Acrovill, ChamShil

SeoUl Development Institute


Light Hunting _ ChoongSup Lim

Morning of SoSeWon _ YoungChea Park

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