C3 no.191 (2000 #7/12)
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Sooner or Later

For the Development of Cooperate Era _ GuYon Chung

JaeHwan Kwak

From and Image _ JaeHwan Kwak

− Vision Hills Golf Club Clubhouse

Criticism: Resurrection of Nature _ ByongYoon Kim

EuGene Science Research Center _ BangKeun You

IlLang House _ Cho Slade Architecture

Note on Architecture

What the Korean Summit Conference Makes _ MoonSoung Kwon


Ewha Womans University Campus and Urban Context

– JungLim in Ewha Womans University Campus _ JungLim Architecture

– Identity vs Identical _ YoungMin Koo


BaeSangMyun JuGa _ YoungBeom Mah

JugJug _ YoungOhk Kim


View of the World and the View of Architecture in the East and the West VI: Idea – Situation _ SungWoo Kim


Negative Mass – Positive Space _ SangWook Oh


BaekBum Memorial

YongIn SinGal Residential Complex

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