C3 no.192 (2000 #8/12)
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Sooner or Later

Massacre of Death: Toward a Spritual Architecture of Death _ GuYon Chung

JaeYong Lim

Binary Thinking I: Trace Marking vs Trace Making _ JaeYong Lim

Binary Thinking II: Church of Lightness vs Church of Heaviness _ JaeYong Lim

Criticism: Geometry, Center, Balance in Contrast: Contrast Follows Contrast _ SukJae Yim

− IlSan Residence II

− MunHoRi Residence

− MokYang Church

− DongBu Church

ISon Architects

− The Bar

− YangSuRi Studio

− HanNamDong Villa

− Villa Mezzanine

− YangPyung Resort

Note on Architecture

Fictions about Architecture _ MoonSung Kwon


Architecture – Feminism _ HyeJung Kim, GunSub Lee


View of the World and the View of Architecture in the East and the West VII: Space – Sky · Earth _ SungWoo Kim

Zoom In

ChungAng University Architectural Design Studio Renovation _ JaeEun Ryu, ChulSoo Han + Department of Architecture, ChungAng University


Aesthetics of Construction _ Il Yoon

From the Daily Life _ KangHoon Lee


Horizon _ SeungUn Jeong


HalLa University Dormitory

Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation

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