C3 no.193 (2000 #9/12)
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Sooner or Later

Needed Architect and the Needed Society _ GuYon Chung

TaeYong Yoo

Searching for Lost Sentiment _ TaeYong Yoo

Criticism: Reconciliation between Koreaness and Presentness – Practice of the Non-formal Principle _ KyoungDon Jin

− Gallery SeoMi and Residence

− Residence for Volvo Construction Equipment Korea, SungBukDong

− The Korea Economic Daily Building

Note on Architecture

House for the Man of Free Spirit _ MoonSung Kwon


A Strange Monument about to be Conceived


− HyoMan Kim – SangSeonJae

− HyoMan Kim – YangChulJae


Gia Pasta _ SungWon Jung + YoungIl Park

Centre Culturel Francais, JeonJu _ JaeHoen Jeong + MunKyu Park


View of The World and the View of Architecture in the East and the West VIII: Space-Time _ SungWoo Kim


ZaRi Chair Concept Exhibition


Landscape of KangGyoung _ HyeanMin Yoo


HanSung University Library and Research Center

SeoUl Park, Paris France

SeoWon Senior People’s Welfare Center, JeonJu

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