C3 no.194 (2000 #10/12)
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Sooner or Later

Crossing over the Architecture and the Cultural Sciences _ Guyon Chung

Dongkyu Choi

Beyond the Space and Within the Space _ DongKyu Choi

Interview: Sense and Logic _ DongKyu Choi + InChul Kim


Architect and Projects: InHo Jun

From Text to Context _ InHo Jun

Interview: The Center Aside _ InHo Jun + Wook Choi

− Maison de Nature

− Maison de KoGiRi

− Maison de Fond

− Village of Dancing Fish Land – Facility for Mentally Challenged _ ByoungSoo Cho

Criticism: Least Bespoke _ InHo Jun

Monument to the Third Millennium _ JinTaek Han

Note on Architecture

Architecture through the Camera _ ChungEui Lim


Tragic Consequence to Recollect the Tragic Souls


e-bridge Okestra _ SeongChil Park


View of the World and the View of Architecture in the East and the West IX: Particle – Field _ SungWoo Kim


My Life Style _ InKwon Kim


Lego and Architecture

Breathing Space _ MiHyung Kim


Seoul National University Graduate School Dormitory and Housing for Foreigners and Researchers

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