C3 no.196 (2000 #12/12)
Sold out

Sooner or Later

From California to Millennium – Debate around the IlSan ‘Love Hotel’ _ GuYon Chung

− Battle of YangGu Memorial Hall_ SungKwan Lee

Note on Architecture

In the Line of Culture _ ChungEui Lim

00′ Review

2000 in C3 Korea

C3 Special

Will FIKA Do

Rick Joy

− Palmer Rose Residence

− Convert Avenue Studios

− Rubio Avenue Studio


View of the World and the View of Architecture in the East and the West XI: Creation – Generation _ SungWoo Kim


The 5th Furniture Design Competition for College Students


The 19th National Exhibition of Korean Architecture


Conservation Plan of InChoun Port

Heyri Art Velly Bridge Design Idea Competition

Asia Publication, Culture and Information Center


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