C3 no.253 (2005 #9/12)

Sooner or Later

Uncertain Ways in Using Language IX – Koreaness _ JongHo Yi


PyeongHwa NuRi _ HyunSik Min

Interview  Peace Festival 2005 : Beyond the DMZ _ JoonHyuk Kang

SooIp 777 _ SungKwan Lee

JungLim Architecture

Hallelujah Christian Church

The National Digital Library

MaPoGu Administration Town

Note on Architecture

Monumentalism & Presence _ YeoungJou Jinn


Fough Rock park in Les Preses _ RCR Aranda Pigem Vilalta Arquitectes

The Anchor Park _ Stig L.Andersson

Chiswick Park _ West 8


International Ideas Competition for the Design of the SeoUl Performing Arts Center

NoDeul Island, an Ignorant of Cunning Accident _ JongHo Yi


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