C3 no.254 (2005 #10/12)
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Sooner or Later

Uncertain Ways in Using Language X-Diagram _ JongHo Yi

SengHoy Kim + WonPhil Kang

Architecture as a Device for Generation _ SeungHoy Kim

Interview  Strength of Contours _ InHo Song+SeungHoy Kim

YoungDong Church

The Student Center and Sky Bridge, 2Woo School

ChunIl Printing CO.

GangHwa Health-Care Center

DangJin Health-Care Center

JeongSeon Health-Care Center

Ehwa Girl’s Foreign Language High School

Bookcafe, MunHakDongNe

Note on Architecture

Current _ JoonHo Park


Floating house, SongHyeonRi


Fornarina, Las Vegas _ Giorgio Borruso

Fornarina, Via Dei Condotti _ Giorgio Borruso

Snaidero Showroom, Los Angeles _ Giorgio Borruso


Revitalization of GwangBok Street & PIFF Plaza


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