C3 no.311 (2010 #7/12)


− Ostberget_ 42 Architects

− Alpha Project_ XVStudio

− Seoul Gangnam District Design Masterpiece Housing Competition

− A3, A5 Block_Riken Yamamoto

− A3, A5 Block_Frits van Dongen

− A4 Block_Minah Lee


− Pompidou Center in Metz_ Shigeru Ban Architects + Jean de Gastines Architectes – The

Imaginative Power of Architecture_ Andrea Giannotti

− Agave Library in Phoenix_ Will Bruder+Partners – Cowboy Front for Culture_ Alan Rapp

To Graft

To Graft_ Diego Terna

− Salins-les-Bain Salt Museum_ SCP Malcotti-Roussey + Thierry Gheza

− Salins-les-Bain Restaurant_ SCP Malcotti-Roussey

− New Head Office for the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales _ Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp

− Meditation Center in Water Tower_ Rocha Tombal Architecten

− Renovation of Boiler Room in University Hospital of Coimbra_ Joao Mendes Ribeiro + Cristina Guedes

− Malmo Museum of Art_ Tham & Videgard Arkitekter

− Kraanspoor_OTH-Ontwerpgroep Trude Hooykaas

Working Different for Industry

Working on a Different Way_ Marco Atzori

− University of Liverpool Heating Infrastructure_ Levitt Bernstein Associates

− Navi Mumbai Warehouse_ Khanna Schultz

− Almazara Olisur Olive Oil Factory_ Guillermo Hevia Architects

− Chemical Laboratory Building in University of Alcala_ Hector Fernandez-Elorza

− Melbourne Zoo Water Recycling Plant_ Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design

− Skive CHP Station_ Arkitektfirmaet C.F. Møller


Creating Architecture through Landscape_ Silvio Carta

− Neuroscience Institute in Castilla y Leon

− Portuguese Agricultural Research Center_Ciale

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