C3 no.314 (2010 #10/12)


− New Terminal for Stockholm_C. F. Møller Architects

− New Cruise Terminal in Lisbon_Joao Luis Carrilho da Graca Arquitectos

− Velenje Sports Park_ENOTA

− Museum of the World War II_Studio Architektoniczne Kwadrat


− Grave for President Roh Moohyun_Seung, H-Sang

Hanging in the Balance: Suspended Houses_Silvio Carta

− House in Ubatuba_SPBR Arquitetos

− Mountain and Opening House_Eastern Design Office

Skin Talks

Skin Talks_Marco Atzori

− A Forest for a Moon Dazzler_Benjamin Garcia Saxe

− Prefabricated Nature_MYCC

− Pael House_Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects

− ITACA TV Set and Headquarters_SV60 Arquitectos

− Hameenlinna Provincial Archive_Heikkinen-Komonen Architects

− The Composting Shed at Inverleith Terrace_Groves-Raines Architects

Elementary Society

Taking Shape between a Toy and a Book_Marta Gonzalez Anton

− Flor del Campo Educational Institution_Giancarlo Mazzanti+Felipe Mesa

− San Lucas School_Francisco Izquierdo+Maria Jose Varas

− County Elementary School in Xiqing District_ Vector Architects

− Green Elementary School in Bondy_Atelier d’architecture Phileas

− Twin Elementary School on Courbevoie_[BP] Architectures

− Bailly School Complex_Mikou Design Studio

− Extension of Primary-Secondary School in San Piero a Sieve_Fabiocapanni Workshop

The Venice Biennale, 12th International Architecture Exhibition

A visit to the 12th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice_Diego Terna

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