C3 no.410 (2020 #6/6)

Architecture of Biologically Grown Buildings _ Ljubomir Jankovic

New Projects

A flowing kindergarten playground roof surrounds a traditional Beijing courtyard building

Interview _ Ma Yansong + Herbert Wright

YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten _ MAD Architects

Art and performance are integrated in linked volumes wrapped in a sculptural brick facade

Phoenix Central Park _ Durbach Block Jaggers Architects + John Wardle Architects

Within a single steel frame box, a school building and stacked outdoor play areas are unified

Melopee School _ XDGA

A technology center within a concrete wall is inspired by an old war-damaged walled town

FORT Technology Park _ RANDJA – Farid Azib Architects

Hypernatural Landscapes for Future Generations

Hypernatural Landscapes for Future Generations _ Phil Roberts

The growth time of hardwood trees informs the design of three structures in a forest plantation

Lune de Sang _ CHROFI

Floating above a stone forest, a complex angular form deconstructs the idea of a museum

Mountain & Sea Art Museum _ gad

A floating canopy protects a Chinese cave and its archeology and merges with the landscape

The Protective Shelter of Locality 1 Archaeological Site of Zhoukoudian Peking Man Cave _ THAD

By replanting trees in a network of ponds, a new nature-like artificial environment is created

Art Biotop Water Garden _ Junya.Ishigami + Associates

Community Markets: Links in Civilization

Community Markets: Links in Civilization _ Herbert Wright

Local materials and form create an avant-garde vernacular in a marketplace built over a river

The covered market of Lamure-sur-Azergues _ Elisabeth Polzella Architecte

A rebuilt town is brought together by a market built on a steep slope, under a distinctive concrete roof

Gramalote Market Square _ Niro Arquitectura + OAU

Rapid renewal based on wooden frame trading units refreshes a modernist Italian market hall

Restructuring of the Sanremo Annonario Market _ Calvi Ceschia Viganò Architetti Associati

A low-cost glazed structure creates an airy temporary modular market hall in China

Temporary Site of Shengli Market _ LUO Studio

Letter-shaped structures set in a translucent facade of a market hall spell out its function

Market Hall of Nagykőrös _ Kiss-Járomi Architect Studio

Natural light and wood refresh a disused market hall to create a new artisan market

Tlaxco Artisans Market _ Vrtical

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