C3 no.389 (2017 #3/6)

– Beirut Museum of Art_HW architecture

– New Interactive Hub for RIAS Dundee_Studioshaw

– Bao’an Art and Culture Center in Shenzhen_Coldefy & Associés Architectes Urbanistes + ECADI

– Kunstsilo Museum in Kristiansand_MX_SI + Mestres Wåge Arquitectes

– A New Roof for Verona’s Historic Arena_GMP + sbp

The Habitable Wall

The Habitable Wall. Two new linear projects in Italy_Richard Ingersoll

– Feltrinelli Porta Volta_Herzog & de Meuron

– City of Sun_Labics

Cities of the Dead

Cities of the Dead_Douglas Murphy

– Cherry Orchard Cemetery Service Center_Field office

– A Thousand Winds, Sian Memorial Park_Seung, H-Sang

– Zorgvlied Crematorion_GROUP A

– Charnel House in Ryusenji Temple_Love Architecture Inc

Down to Earth

Down to Earth_Alison Killing

– Rore Kahu_Cheshire Architects

– Vineyard House_blaanc

– BE Friendly Space_H&P Architects

– A House for Oiso_Dorell.Ghotmeh.Tane Architects

– Ricola Herb Center_Herzog & de Meuron

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