C3 no.259 (2006 #3/12)

Sooner or Later

Theory and Practice in Architecture _ SangHun Lee


Interview Moving himma _ HyungMin Pai+JunSung Kim+HaiLim Suh

House of Open Books

BoRim Publishing House and Marionette Theater

House of Books

JeongJae Kim’s Studio

youngJin Media Office Building

Note on Architecture

Organizing Policy _ SeungSoo Shin


Bizarre _ Randy Brown

Madame Suren _ Randy Brown

Greater Omaha Packing Company _ Randy Brown

Urban Design

Dail Plaza in Madrid _ Francisco J. Mangado Beloqui

Pey-Berland Square in Bordeaux _ Francisco J. Mangado Beloqui


Urban Regeneration Project in Japan-Find the Possibilities for Residential City through the Regeneration of Residential Area _ JungHyung Lee

The Color as Public Design Elements-Public Design and Colorscape _ HyunSun Kim


PanGyo Housing International Project Competition


Project Ah-Lost in Town


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