C3 no.197 (2001 #1/12)
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Sooner or Later

Golgotha Without the Cross – Let’s Talk about the Social Mission of Architect _ GuYon Chung

SeungHoy Kim + WonPhil Kang

- YangPyong Residence

Interview: The Order of Micro-cosmos Inscribed on the Earth _ SeungHoy Kim + HungKyun Park

- GoSung Dementia Center

- YongIn SuJi Housing _ HeeJun Kim

- Parkview _ JiHo Kim + MyungKil Kim

Note on Architecture

In the Era of Encounter of the East and West _ InHo Jun

Marc Barani

- Pedagogical Atelier

- Extension of the Saint-Pancrace Cemetery

- Grégorie Gardette Studios

- Extension of the San Michele Cemetery, Venice

- Crestet Art Center

- Water Filtration Plant, Roquebrune – Cap-Martin


- Gallery SuKi _ JaeHo Jong

- Dr. Shin’s Plastic Clinic _ Hoon Kim


View of the World and the View of Architecture in the East and the West XII: Machine – Life _ SungWoo Kim

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