C3 no.200 (2001 #4/12)
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Sooner or Later

Double Subordinate _ GuYon Chung

ByoungSoo Cho

Architecture that Springs from the Land _ ByoungSoo Cho

Interview: An Architect Who Cares ‘Natural Spac’ _ ByoungSoo Cho + LeemJong Jang

SeWolRi Stone-Retaining Wall House

Bamboo Fence House

High Land Residence

200th Issue Special

Korean Architecture in 21st Century

Helen JuHyun Park

A Moment in Ambiguity _ Helen JuHyun Park

Interview: Drifting of Doubleness _ Helen JuHyun Park + KangHun Lee

DongEunJae, Kim’s Residence

SamHyun Classroom Extension

SamHyun Living Center

Housing for Foreign Professors

YonSei University Law School Landscape

Elementary School Playground and Landscape


Line, Sculpture & Space _ Noe Aoki


De Stijl Lighting _ EunWon Choi


Subject Project for GaYa Folk Village

AniWon High School

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