C3 no.210 (2002 #2/12)
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Sooner or Later

What Can We Do for those Kids _ Hyuk Khang

SeungHoy Kim + WonPhil Kang

Dream of Winter Tree _ SeungHoy Kim

BuCHeon Korean Archery Range

Interview: Tension, Relaxation and Collage of Urbanity _ MoonSung Kwon + SeungHoy Kim

YounDong Church

GangHwa Health-Care Center

DangJin Health-Care Center

GyeonSan Health-Care Center

Note on Architecture

Onion Cooking Bowl _ DeKahn Joo

Miquel Adrilá + Isaac Broid + Michael Rojkind

F2 House

National Videotheque, Mexico City


PoZang _ JinSeok Yang


The R _ YoungHwan Jung + JongYeoul Lee


SuckMoDo Pension

SamPyo Industrial Building

Peace Center

IlSan Cultural Center

YongIn Culture Welfare and Administration Town

PalMiDo Lighthouse


Korea Environmental Design Contest

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