C3 no.211 (2002 #3/12)

Sooner or Later

Masscult and Architecture _ Hyuk Khang

Charles Choi

Toward the Space within _ Carles Choi

DuckSo Residence

Techman Headquarters, ShinWolDong

KunYoung Cho

IlSan MaDuDong Residence

Note on Architecture

Economics and Sociology of Housing 1 _ DeKahn Joo


Unstable Start for Reform

Christine Hawley

Kitagata Housing Reconstruction, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

TKTS2K, Competition in Time Square, New York

Salford Crescent Area, England

Centro Congressi Italia, Italy

SuhGoo Heo

Leaving YangPyeong _ SeoGoo Heo

Interview: Axis and Beyond-Axis _ GongHee Lee + SeoGoo Heo

Mt. YongMoon Public Toilet

Riverbank Love Song

Silk yarn Museum

YongCHeonRi Houses


This is not a Suburban House


YongDae Kim, Messenger of Information


Memorial Hall, Ewha Girls’ High School

USA Institute 2001 International Competition

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