C3 no.214 (2002 #6/12)
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Sooner or Later

Survival Game _ Hyuk Khang

EunYoung Yi

Aqua-Forum, HanYang University, AnSan Campus

Gate-House, HanYang University, AnSan Campus

Goethe Institut Reconstruction and Interior

Bayer Korea Ltd.

Kap Hag Building, Berlin

Note on Architecture

Unfashionable Belief _ EunYoung Yi


Vestiges and Memories, SeoUl Metropolitan Museum of Art

Massimo Carmassi

Massimo Carmassi, Mural Architecture _ Richard Ingersoll + Massimo Carmassi

Medieval Walls of Pisa

Florentine Fortress

Reconstruction of San Michele, Borgo

Casa Balbarini

Casa Muti

Teatro Verdi

Pre-school, San Marco

Cemetery of San Piero, Grado

Casa Donadio

Focus: GwangJu Biennale and Architects

At the Disused Railway, Project 4: Connection

From Appreciation to Participation, Gallery Design for Project 1

Series: European Furniture III

Democratic Design, XO _ JiHoon Ha


Playful Master of Nonsense Design _ Bruno Munari


HamWol Highschool, UlSan

College of Engineering, CheJu National University

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