C3 no.221 (2003 #1/12)

Sooner or Later

A Commentary on the Recent Situation _ Hyuk Khang


CheongDo Weekend House _ HyunJae Lee

Interview: Unconventional Shed _ DaeJun Lee + HunJae Lee

‘ㄷ’ shape Metal Roof House _ ByoungSoo Cho

Glass House _ DuNam Choi

Interview: Nature; Origin and Completion _ SeungHoy Kim + DuNam Choi

Acros _ KyungKook Woo

Sponge _ ByungChul Lee

Note on Architecture

City, Crime and Camera _ SinGu Woo

C3 Special: Korean Architects ’00

Last Ten Years: Only Yesterday, but so Remote and unfamiliar _ Hyuk Khang

Towards an Ethical Architecture _ SangHun Lee

Main Stadium in Korean Contemporary Architecture _ KilYong Park

Architect for Tomorrow _ ManYong Jeong

Urban Design

Expo-02 Swiss National Expo _ West 8

High Botanic Bridge, Gwangju _ West 8

SanJi Stream Restoration

Street Furniture of SongDo New City


2002 Steel Furniture Design Contest

Center for Clinical Services, ChonBuk National University Hospital

C3 Editor’s Note

Professor and Architect?!

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