C3 no.224 (2003 #4/12)

Sooner or Later

A Thought on Interior Design _ Hyuk Khang

HyoMan Kim

Harmony in Contrast Compound _ HyoMan Kim

Interview: An International Aim and Organized Space _ BeomJae Lee


Zinc House


Lee Clinic

Note on Architecture

City for Some One _ SinGu Woo


Mneme _ Hun Kim

JaeKwan Kim

Criticism: The Light and Darkness of Adonis _ SeoungHo Ham

SungMan Presbyterian Church

hungShin Presbyterian Church

UlSan D Church

Street Architecture

WonJu Y Place _ SeungHoy Kim + WonPhil Kang

SinSaDong 652-11 A.rum Building _ A.rum Architects

APSAN Studio _ YoungMin Lee

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