C3 no.225 (2003 #5/12)
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Sooner or Later

Rebuilding the Empire _ Hyuk Khang


Studio _ SamYoung Choi

House n _ Wook Choi

YoLimWon Publishing Company Renovation _ MoonSung Kwon + KyungRak Lee

Note on Architecture

A Large and Beautiful Home in a Small House _ ChungKee Lee

C3 Special: ’03 Preview

Maison de NeungNaeRi _ InHo Jun

K Residence _ DongWon Kimi

GanSongHeon _ KyungKook Woo

GwanSeonJae _ KyungKook Woo

Studio Small _ Wook Choi

Reed House _ H.Sang Seung

HoUn Art Center _ H.Sang Seung

GeumHo Church _ Youp JeaGal

Alush _ ChungKee Lee

Etham _ ChunKee Lee

S.C.F.C _ ChunKee Lee

Gold Hill Christian Community Project _ KeunWoo Cheon


Roof Apartment _ Erich Hubmann+Andreas Vass

Reorganization and Redevelopment of the Areas Connected to the New Access to the Alhambra _ Erich Hubmann + Andreas Vass

Street Architecture

River Way I _ SiYoung Choi

Yell Building _ YoungOk Kang+IkHyun Choi


Parking Lot of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea.

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