C3 no.230 (2003 #10/12)
Sold out

Sooner or Later

Living in Korea _ Hyuk Khang

JongKyu Kim

Interview: Return to the Basics _ MinAh Lee + JongKyu Kim

DaeGu Health College

-DaeGu Art Center

-YoungSongkwan Elevation

-Lecture Building No.11

M House

Heyri B20

PaJu Freedom Academy Publishing House

Heyri G41-2

The Religious, Cultural Facility in HaeIn Buddhist Temple

Note on Architecture

Living and Dwelling

SangLeem Lee+SeomHoon Oh

Nomadics _ SeomHoon Oh

Interview: Nomadics = Place+Event _ JaeYong Lim + SeomHoon Oh

HanSung University – Library

HanSung University – Research Building

ChungDamDong R-Project


The NamJune Paik Museum International Ideas

The Captured Ocean : Redefining the Water Front, BuSan



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