C3 no.233 (2004 #1/12)
Sold out

Sooner or Later

For the Recovery of Discoursive Culture _ Hyun Khang

Space C _ Gu Yon Chung

Note on Architecture

Preparing Oneself _ TaeHong Park

Moongyu Choi

Perimeter and Questions _ Moongyu Choi

Of Otherness _ WooIll Kim+Moongyu Choi

HanSook Cheong Memorial

DaeShin Publishing

Korea Reading Guidance

NamJune Paik Museum

The Religious, Cultural Facility in HaeIn Buddhist Temple

Dalki II _ Warehouse Museum

G30 – Box Gallery

Jangwan Khang

Labyrinth of Light and Shadow _ Jangwan Khang

Architect Khang with his Second Group of Works _ LeemJong Jang+Jeangwan Khang

NamSeoUl Church


SuWon Chrysler Auto Gallery

GangHwa BanSeok Retreat Center

GongHangDong Cultural Center

Clubhouse ‘O’


Behind the Scenes, Jung-il Doh

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