C3 no.234 (2004 #2/12)

Sooner or Later

Intention in Architecture after Modern _ Hyuk Khang

Heyri Community House _ JunSung Kim+JongKyu Kim

KyungKook Woo

Reason of My Architectural Work _ KyungKook Woo

A Window of Heyri: a Conversation with KyungKook Woo _ SungHong Kim+KyungKook Woo

HuMyungWon Voidium

MOA Museum of Architecture and SiKyungDang

Three Family House and WorkShop

The Religious, Cultural Faacility in HaeIn Buddhist Temple

Note on Architecture

To Be Changed, To Remain _ TaeHong Park

SamYoung Choi

Human in the Nature _ SamYoung Choi

Wood Architecture in MinMaRu

MinMaRu II


MinMaRu IV

MinMaRu V

MinMaRu VI

C3 Special

Our Church and Society, Today


Architecture for the Public


Design on the Street

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