C3 no.236 (2004 #4/12)
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Sooner or Later

Agenda, Road map and Engineering _ Hyuk Khang

DuNam Choi

Forces that Shape Architecture _ DuNam Choi

Interview: Aging as Beauty _ Wook Choi+DuNam Choi

Client’s Note: At Heyri _ EonHo Kim

HanGil Art Space 3

MaYa Building

The Grand Egyptian Museum

Gallery GwangJu

The Religious, Cultural Facility in HaeIn Buddhist Temple

ItaeWon House

NonHyeonDong Building

Note on Architecture

The Curse of Public Projects _ DooJin Hwang

YoungMin Koo

Poetics of Crack(s) _ YoungMin Koo

An Anthology (of Seven Poems) Depicting a City


Multi-Plaza of KyungSung University _ YeonKeun Jeong

Apology for the Ordinary _ Hyuk Khang


Beyond Border


JunTall Memorial Ida Competition

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