C3 no.242 (2004 #10/12)
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Sooner or Later

A Comment on Detached House _ Hyuk Khang

JongHo Yi

becoming PLACE _ JongHo Yi

Criticism JongHo Yi in a Topographic Map of Contemporary Korean Architecture _ SungHong Kim

Park SooKeun Memorial Museum

GwangJu Biennale Project 4 – Connection

BunWon White Poreclain Museum

Note on Architecture

During in the Days from 29th August to 15th September in SeoUl – Venice – SeoUl _ Seon-Ah Kim

HyunJae Lee

KMG Clinic

Good Team Medical Center

Stone Park Project

JiSeulRi Studio

Paper Work of Two Project


Fortune or Virtue? _ JongKeun Lee


HyoMan Kim

Floating Island


Light Boat

Jang PyeonHan G.S

Chang Clinic

C3 Forum

Things that I Like, Things that I Made II _ ByungSoo Cho

Wood Special

The Paradigm of Living Culture for Wood Design _ Jin H. Kim

Wood Spirit _ JaeSo Jang


Metamorph – The Venice Biennale 9th International Architecture Exhibition _ Seon-Ah Kim

A Diary – Korea Pavilion ‘City of the Bang’ _ SukYeon Yoo


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