C3 no.243 (2004 #11/12)
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Sooner or Later

Where Can We Find Hope in This Age of Extreme? _ Hyuk Khang

HyunSik Min

Publication Distribution Center _ Booxen

Sindoricoh Qingdao Factory

Note on Architecture

Quality of Urban Experience _ Seon-Ah Kim


Kengo Kuma

Murai Masanari Art Museum

The “Food and Agriculture” Museum

HeeJun Kim

Closing with Surroundings _ HeeJun Kim

HeiHyunRi Residence

HwaYangRi Residence

SamCheongDong Studio


HASLLA ART World _ ShinJung Park+OkYoung Choi

Floating Wood Art on HoeSan BaekRyeon(White Lotus) Reservoir _ ShinHyun Choi

The Wall Fountain in Northern Water Reserve Ecology Park _ KwangChib Chang


SeoUl, (Un)Forbidden City _ YoungMin Koo

Studio Inquiry

Contemporary Art Museum of SeoUl

Editor’s Note

Architecture as a Curriculum for Younger Students


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