C3 no.247 (2005 #3/12)
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Sooner or Later

Uncertain Ways in Using Language III-Context _ JongHo Yi

Min I+Jean Son

SJW Fashion Headquaters

K House

St. Francesco Monastery

HaengBokHan Kindergarten

Note on Architecture

Convergence of Design Tool & Division of Professional Carrer _ ChanJoong Kim

Wook Choi

93 Gallary


ByungSoo Cho

‘ㅁ’ Shaped Concrete Box House

Stone Wall House, SongHakRi


An Odd Step to Withdraw

– New Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Germany

Exported Barbarity _ EunYoung Yi


The Recipe for Architectural Lighting I

– Keyword of Lighting Design _ KangWha Jeong+Mee Chung


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