C3 no.127 (1995 #3/12)
Sold out

Sooner or Later

Mario Botta vs. Aldo Rossi _ Kim KyoungSoo


− Four Projects by Eric Owen Moss

− The Box

− 3520 Hayden

− Ince Theatre

− Stealth Theatre

− ChoungWon Jell Oil Station _ Kim Hun

− Two Projects by Enrique Norten

− TV Studio Cafeteria

− Furniture Store

Korean Architects 10th Anniversary Special Part II

Classics and I

Tour to the Contemporary Classics _ Kim KyoungSoo

Towards Iberia _ Kim BongRyol

Iberian Contemporary Classics

Tour to My Classics

Classics for Today

HaeNam NokWooDang; YunSunDo Traditional House _ Jeon BongHee

The Practice Space of Propriety, WooBok Head Family House _ Park Myoungdouk


Andŕe Citroën Park _ Lee SunOk


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