C3 no.140 (1996 #4/12)
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Sooner or Later

Sharing Our Information _ Kim Kyoungsoo


The Kant-Dreieck Office Building, Berlin – Charlottenburg _ Josef Paul Kleihues

− Three Projects by Romuald Loegler

− Blessed Queen Jadwiga’s Church in Kraków

− Chapel for the Batowice Cemetery in Kraków

− Extension of the Academy of Economics in Kraków

Miguel Angel Roca

The City Centre as a Cathedral: the District, a City within a City _ Miguel Angel Roca

Architecture for Urban Life _ Jorge Glusberg

Architecture and Commitment _ Charles Correa

− Intervention in Córdoba

− Parque de las Naciones

− Casas de la Cultura

− Ciudad de las Artes

− C.D.C.Y.C.D.

− C.P.C las Magnolias

− C.P.C Parque Capital

− Lomas del Suquia Complex

− Casa Azul

− Parque de la Vida

− C.P.C Colon Avenue

− C.P.C Libertador

− C.P.C Pueyrredon

− C.P.C Centro America

− C.P.C Rio Suquia

− C.P.C Argüello

− Faculty of Law

− La Florida Park

− Cotahuma Central District Council

− San Antonio Central district Council

− Uruguay Central District Council

− Intervention in la Paz

− Córdoba Office Building

− National Argentine Bank, Cerro de las Rosas Branch

− Premier Milling Corporatión

− Jabulani Administrative Centre

− Emergency Hospital

− San Vicente Market Cultural Centre

− Pedestrian Mall, Rivera Indarte Lane

− Pedestrian Mall, 9 de Julio Lane

− Plaza de Armas

− Pedestrian Mall, Obispo Trejo Lane

− Paseo Azul Shopping Center

− Bank of the Province of Córdoba, Buenos Aires Branch

− San Bernardo Housing Complex

− Santo Domingo housing Complex

− Bank of the Province of Córdoba, Rio III Branch

− General Paz, Cultural Centre


A View from the Front Line _ Choi Uk


Intervention of Light; Transformation and Creation _ Yann Kersale + Han ManWon


KwangMyoung ChoulSan, InChoun SongHyoun Apartments by Korea national housing Corporation

Korea Maritime Institute

Intergrated Support Center For Economy in CheJu

DaeKoo Foreign language High School

KyoungSangBukDo YeChoun Municipal college


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