C3 no.148 (1996 #12/12)
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Sooner or Later

Farewell to the Readers _ Kim KyoungSoo

cj Lim

Style Council _ Peter Cook

Beyond Elegance _ Christine Hawley

− Housing – A Demonstration Project

− National Glass Centre Competition

− Threshold, Wardour & Old Compton Street

− Landmark, Museum of the Moving Image

− Korean American Cultural + Arts Centre, LA

− Architecture Centre, Newcastle

− The Guest House, Japan

− UCL Cultural Centre, Gordon Street, London

Dubosc & Landowski

Towards an Environmental Architecture _ Eric Dubosc

The Dry Procedure… _ Eric Dubosc

Beyond the Horizon of Industrial Architecture _ Kim KunWook


− Parc des Taillées, Saint Martin d’Heres

− La Venerie, Montargis Le Franc

− Kronos, Beaulieu Isle, Nantes

− Marcel Dassault, Boulogne Billancourt

− Saturne III

− Le Casterl Eiffel, Dijon

Office Buildings

− West Side, Suresnes

− Dubosc and Landowski Studio

Public Facilities

− Synagogue, Paris

− Town Hall, Gauchy

− Pasteur Gymnasium

− Sollac Research Center, Montataire


− Paul VI Church, Valbonne

− Space Museum, Les Mureaux

− Church, Rome

− Gérard Philippe Elementary School

− National School of Statistics and Economic Affairs, Marne la Vallée

− Departmental Assembly, Nanterre


H Project, Another Approach for a Globalization


Sensing the Future – The Architects as Seismograph _ Ryu JeonHee


KyongKi Provincial Government Office Building

SungRak Holiness Church, BunDang Chapel

KwangJoo Subway Office

NaJu Gate


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