C3 no.149 (1997 #1/12)
Sold out

Sooner or Later

West Europe and East Asia _ Kim SungWoo


− RowHouse, BunDang _ Chang SeaYoung

− General Hall, SungKongHoe University _ Kim SeokChul

Eric Owen Moss

Eric Owen Moss in Context _ John Morris Dixon


− Metafor

− P.S.F.

− Plaza Vieja, Habana, Cuba

− Monaco

− Gasometer D-1

− Gallig Wien, Wagrammer Strasse Housing Project

− A.R.City

− Aronoff House

− Contemporary Art Center and Theater

− Vesey Street Turnaround


KimHae Sport Complex

SeongNam Agricultural Wholesale Market

Urban Redevelopment of NaeSoo 3rd District

KwangJinGoo Library

KangReung City Hall


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