C3 no.156 (1997 #8/12)
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Sooner or Later

The Means of Hunger _ Kim SungWoo

Peter Eisenman

Criticism: Resisting Ambivalence – The Doubling of Function in Eisenman’s Architecture _ Andrew Benjamin

Interview: The Possibility of Redefinition _ Peter Eisenman, Maria – Rita Perbellini and Christian Pongratz


− House I

− House II

− House III

− House IV

− House VI

− House X

− Cannaregio Town Square – House 11A

− House El Even Odd

− IBA Social Housing


− Romeo and Juliet Castles

− Biocnetrum

− University Art Museum

− Wexner Center for the Visual Arts and Fine Arts Library


− Carnegie Mellon Research Institute

− Guardiola House

− Aronoff Center for Design and Art

− Koizumi Sangyo Office Building

− Greater Columbus Convention Center

− Banyoles Olympic Hotel

− Cooper Union Student Housing

− Groningen Music-Video Pavilion

− Nunotani Office Building


− Rebstock Park Master Plan

− Emory Center for the Arts

− Nordliches Derendorf Master Plan

− Bahnhofsbereich Friedrichstrasse

− Max Reinhardt Haus

− Haus Immendorf

− Magdeburg Damaschkeplatz

− Klingelhofer housing

− Monument and Memorial Site

− Church of the Year 2000


A Suburban Housing by Four Architects

Preview of KwangJoo Biennale

Exhibition, Graduate School of Architecture, KyongGi University

Architecture for Advanced Distribution System

Townscape and Public Arts


Provincial Office, BooAhn

DanDae Municipal Library


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