C3 no.160 (1997 #12/12)
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Sooner or Later

Play _ Kim SungWoo

TaiSoo Kim

Comments on Current Trends in Architecture _ TaiSoo Kim

Criticism: Typology and Freedom in the Architecture of TaiSoo Kim _ Lee SangHun

− KookMin Life Insurance Company Corporate, Training Center

− LG Chem Research & Development Park

− KumHo Art Gallery

Shin Takamatsu

The Day Architecture Becomes a Butterfly _ Shin Takamatsu

− Minatosakai Community Center

− Hamana International Children’s Museum of Art

− Shoji Ueda Museum of photography

− Meteor Plaza·Mihonoseki Ferry Terminal

− Nagasaki Port Terminal Building

− Tmayu Health Spa

− Kirin Headquarters


KyungJoo High Speed Railway Station

Training Facility, SooYoungRo Church


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