C3 no.165 (1998 #5/12)
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Sooner or Later

Learning from the Great Wall _ Lee SangHae

Cho ByoungSoo

− Pine Courtyard Apartment, YongIn

Criticism: Newness of Objective Imagination _ Park SoonKwan

− Lecture Hall, Administration, Library, Cafeteria, Choonhae College, UlSan

− Courtyard House, PyoungChangDong

− Courtyard House, BunDang

Taft Architects

Criticism: Air-Conditioning Optional _ Richard Ingersoll

− Williams House

− Stanfield House

− Jaral

C3 Forum _ Min HyunSik

Nature of Nature and Architecture

Focus Earth Architecture, from Experiment to Reality

             Way of Universalizing Korean Multi-story Wood Frame House

             Restoration of Space & Time

Review/Architecture KangByoun Church _ Yoo Kerl

                                           Interview: Another Proposal for Urban Church _ Yoo Kerl + Kang Hyuk

                                             Technomart _ Samoo Architects & Engineers

Preview/Urban Design Design of Sculpture Fountain and Sculpture Park, SungNam

Review/Furniture Furniture Designer, Oh JoonSik

Review/Exhibition Manfredi Nicoletti’s Architectural Exhibition

                                         Kim DaWon Exhibition

Review/Competition Daycare Center, City Hall

                                             TaeGu Fashion Center

                                             National Pension Cooperation, ChoongBook

                                             Plan of the Development in the Apartment Area

                                             Master Plan for the KAIST Campus


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