C3 no.166 (1998 #6/12)
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Sooner or Later

Culture and Economical landscape _ Lee SangHae

Cheon KeunWoo

Interview: Hidden Value and Architectural Practice _ Cheon KeunWoo + Kim Hun

− Poise-II

− Centipede

− Poise-I

− Winker


Asymptote: Theory is Practice _ Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture

− Architexturing Copenhagen

Writing Space: Installation, Paper Biennale, Duren, Germany

− Tohoku historical Museum

− National Museum of Korea

− Univers Theater, Aarhus Denmark

− Yokohama Seaport Terminal

Note on Architecture

Making an Identity _ Kerl Yoo

C3 Forum _ Kim JongKyu

Work as Theorizing Process

Series: Between Architecture and Urban Fabric 01

Discordance with the Time and Space: The Old Patrol Foute of ChongMyo _ Lee BeonJaee

Review/Architecture Housing, EtaeWon _ Samoo Architects

                                             Korea Technology Banking Copr. _ JungLim Architeecture

                                             SeoDong Restaurant _ Ahn YongDae

Review/Interior Hee Collection _ Avant Design Group

Review/Furniture Aesthetics form Daily Life

Review/Urban Design Korea Industrial Design Exhibition

Review/Exhibition Korean Old Maps Exhibition

                                         Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition

Technology Digital Cameras for Architects

Preview/Exhibition Louvre Sculpture Exhibition

Review/Competition Municipal Spa, YeChoun

                                             Korea Road Technical Research Institute

                                             Old People’s Center, KeumChounKoo


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