C3 no.167 (1998 #7/12)
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Sooner or Later

Architectural Identity Retraced _ Lee SangHae

Lim JaeYong

− Retreat Center, YeonDong Church

Interview: Lim’s Another Architecture _ Lim JaeYong + Jang LeemJong

Note on Architecture

Asian Value _ Seung, H-Sang

Series: Between Architecture and Urban Fabric 02

Time and Space in the City and Architecture – SeoUl Arts Center and the Street _ Lee BoemJaee

Architectural Exhibition

Tadao Ando: Process of Creation in Architecture



− Opus Concert Hall Building _ HakSik Son

− Research & Development Center, SeoUl National Polytechnic University _ Yoon HeeJin + DuGa

− Catholic Church, KoYangDong _ Kwon YongTae

− Casa Uno _ Shin SeongYoon

− DongBu Corporation Headquarters _ BAUM + K.P.F

− Hansol Group Headquarters _ IlSong

Urban Design

Renewal of the Neglected Urban Space _ M Public & Urban Art Institute

Glass Sculpture as Landmark of the Region _ Ahn PilYun

Restored Public Space: Theater HwaRin, MiAhRee


Furniture with Theme _ Kim GoonSun


Shape of the Empty Space _ Lim MyungOck


JeAmRee Martyr Memorial Museum

KOTRA Exhibition Center, SeoUl

Convention Center, KyoungSang National University

Educational Office, JeonRaBukDo


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