C3 no.168 (1998 #8/12)
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Sooner or Later

Rethinking the Role of Architect _ Lee SangHae

Kim ByungYoon

Change of Grain _ Kim ByungYoon

Interview: Palette of Tactility _ Kim ByungYoon + Lee KangHun


Kim JaeKwan

− KangJeong Presbyterian Church

Criticism: Architecture of Achromatic Color _ Yang SangHo

Note on Architecture

True Function of Architecture _ Seung H-Sang

Series: Between Architecture and Urban Fabric III

Originality and Message of the Architecture Dropped – KawHoiDong, Northern Area of SeoUl _ Lee BeomJaee


Architecture Transportation Museum, YongIn _ Samoo Architects & Engineers

                            ArtsonJe Center _ Kimm JongSoung

                            HaNulMaDang II _ Bang ChulLin

                            YiHyunJae _ Ro HeoungRae

Overseas Interior Gardiner Symbols Teaching laboratory, Rice University _ Mark Wamble

                                       Tipitina’s, Houston _ Mark Wamble

Urban Design KwangJoo 5.18 Memorial Space

Furniture Sculpture Furniture _ Kim JaeMook

Exhibition Treasures of the Late ChoSun Dynasty

Competition Renovation of SeoUl Metropolitan Museum of Art

                           Office Building, UlSan BookGu

                           Main Gate of ChongJu National Junior College

Architectural Exhibition ’98 Exhibition, Graduate School of Architecture, KyounGi University


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