C3 no.171 (1998 #11/12)
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Sooner or Later

Tradition and the Melting Pot of New Architecture _ Lee SangHae

Choi DuNam

− Gallery SuhJong

Criticism: ‘Unfinished’ Elegant Gallery _ Kim KwangHyun

− Lee House

− KwangJoo Social Welfare Center

− Choi’s Hardware Gallery

− KwagnYang Community Center

− Shanghai International Center

Note on Architecture

Two Stories about Cities and Memory _ Min HyunSik

Series: Between Architecture and Urban Fabric V

Searching for the Story of the City – From KyoungBok Palace to BiKak _ Lee BoemJaee


Architecture POSEC Reserch Center _ POS-A.C

                            Town Office in HyeonKog _ Son MyoungMoon

Overseas Interior ERCO Lighting Ltd., British _ Botschi Vargas

                                      DEGW Office, London _ DEGW

Overseas Urban Design Schouwburgloein, Rotterdam _ West 8

Exhibition Plaining 98 SeoUl in Media – Food, Clothing, Shelter Exhibition

Urban Design KimPo International Sculpture Park

Series North European Furniture Designer I – Denish Furniture Designer, Boris Berlin _ Kim JinWoo

Focus Alternative Architectural Education – seoul school of architecture

Architectural Exhibition The 17th National Exhibition of Korean Architecture & Architects Festival ’98


2002 Worldcup Stadium – 2002 Worldcup SeoUl Stadium, 2002 Worldcup KwangJoo Main Stadium

EXPO 2000 Hannover World Exposition, Korea Pavilion

AnSung Brass Museum

Memorial Facilities of World Flower Exhibition, KoYang

DongJak Community Sports Center, Seoul

KangNam Primary School, SeoUl


Yoon Keun Wood Works Exhibition _ Yoon Keun


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