C3 no.172 (1998 #12/12)
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Sooner or Later

Historicity and Individual Dogmatism on Environment Policy _ Lee SangHae

Jun Itamy

Criticism: Way of Seeing and Architect and His Architecture _ Choi MoonKyu

Criticism: Reflections on the Works of Jun Itami _ Jin KyoNam

PINX Members Golf Club House

PINX Public Golf Club House

Hermitage of Chinese Ink

Note on Architecture

Against the Picturesque Building _ Min HyunSik

C3 Forum _ Choi DuNam

Substance of Architecture Experience

’98 Review

KA and Korean Architecture in 1998



DaeGu Bank Training & Education Center _ Byun Yong + Chung HyunHwa

La Prossima _ Lee Doo Yeol + Choi JungHun, Kim ChangKyung, Nishimori Rikuo

Interview: Poetics of Post-object-centric Sense Modes _ Lee DooYeol + Kim MinSoo

Ube Church _ Lee DooYeol + Nishimori Rikuo


Grand Hyatt SeoUl, Tenkai _ John E.Morford

Theater Installation

JukSan Open-air Theater _ Ahn PilYun


North European Furniture Designer II – In Search of the possibility of new Material, Jacob Berg _ Kim JinWoo


Existence – Space _ Park EunSun

Memories _ Hong SeongYong


DaeDuck Art Center, DaeJeon

SoGaYa Remains Museum, GoSung

SeongBuk Cultural Center, Seoul


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